project archive can be found @843_____blankspace_____
Seeking proposals from individuals, collaborators, and collectives outlining projects that creatively engage vacant spaces within a house undergoing slow renovation. (___)’s primary steward is Joey Behrens. She is an artist engaging in material explorations and the wayfinding required to renovate the space with care and attunement. We offer its use as a resource and an invitation to engage in experimental, playful, and generative acts of co-creation.

(___) is located in a residential neighborhood of Wilkinsburg, PA. Originally built in 1900 as a single family home, (___) previously underwent several rounds of remodeling that expanded the home into three apartment units, one per floor. The first floor apartment serves as a shared studio space, the second floor apartment a project space, and the third floor apartment, which is currently under renovation, a living space. The project space, measuring approximately 1,000 sq ft, is once again available for projects. This space has heat and electricity but is not currently approved for occupancy. Water and a working bathroom are available on the 1st floor.

Projects may take myriad forms perhaps involving: installation, events, experimental/formal displays of 2d and 3d artworks, performance, social engagement, temporary studio space, or combinations of these. Preference will be given to experimental and site-responsive submissions. We encourage creative risk-taking and are looking for projects that in some way push an artist’s practice. Before projects are undertaken you will discuss impacts on the physical space and neighbors with Joey. She’ll offer guidance and problem solving support for logistics and any necessary remediation. Please keep the nature and status of the building in mind while developing your project proposal. While you are welcome to use the space as one, (___) is not a gallery.

Projects may take place between August 2024 and August 2025 and use all or part of the second floor. Specify your project’s desired duration and date preferences. See images to get an idea of what the space is like and to see previously realized projects.

You are responsible for all project expenses. Generally, there is no cost for use of the space including utilities. If your project will cause a substantial and unusual spike in utilities or otherwise cause significant unusual expenses we will ask you to help cover these. The specifics would be determined in advance of your project should this be the case. 

Proposals from folks outside of the Pittsburgh area are welcome, however you must be present in the area for the duration of your project. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide housing at this time.

All proposals submitted for consideration as well as documentation of those that are realized will become part of the building’s archive.

Proposals should be a single pdf that includes:

  • Name and contact info (if a team, include all artists indicating primary contact).
  • Description of Project (2 pages or less. Please). What do you want to do and why do you want to do it? How does your project challenge you creatively? How will your project engage with the building? How might it impact the structure? 
  • Duration, including any date preferences. Remember to plan for deinstallation and remediation. 
  • Whether or not you plan to invite visitors into the space to experience your project. Please include plans for any receptions or “open” hours.    
  • 3-5 Supporting Images and/or Work Samples.
  • Brief Bio and CV (no more than 2 pages).

To view the space, ask questions, or submit a proposal, email Joey at Please include “blankspace project proposal” in the subject line. 

Proposals must be received by 11:59 pm EST Monday April 15th, 2024.


a work in progress; a home undergoing renovation; a seedling holding the potential of growing into a collaboratively organized creative living and working space.