a work in progress: a home under construction; a small seed holding the potential of growing into a collaboratively organized living and working space.

Call for Proposals

Seeking proposals from Pittsburgh(ish) based individual artists, collaborators, and collectives outlining projects that creatively engage vacant spaces within a house undergoing slow renovation. The house, a series of rooms and floors, spaces created to shelter life, has been–and will be, inscribed by that life. This is an invitation to help imbue the structure with creative energy and intention. To engage in acts of generative co-creation that, though physically temporary, will linger in the building’s memory; offerings for shaping future life. 

Originally built in 1900 as a single family home located in Wilkinsburg, the building has undergone several rounds of renovations including an addition and division into three apartment units, one per floor. All or parts of the top two floors may be available for use (approximately 2,000 sq ft). Currently no part of the house can be legally occupied, and slow but active renovation of its spaces is underway. Projects may take myriad forms including experimental and immersive installations, formal displays of two- and three-dimensional works, video or projection, performance, or sound projects. Whatever the form, it should only minimally impact the existing physical structure. Should your project require something more intrusive be sure to specify this in your proposal. Any lasting impact will need to be negotiated and approved beforehand. Please keep the nature and status of the building in mind while developing your project proposal. 

Projects may take place anytime between April and November 2022 and use all or part of available space. What’s available will be dependent on the renovation schedule so all projects will be coordinated with the work that’s being done. Specify duration of the project and whether or not specific dates are preferred in your project proposal. See images to get an idea of what the spaces are like. The building has heat, electricity, and very limited plumbing.  

Generally there will be no cost for use of the space including utilities; however, if a project’s goal is to turn a profit we may ask you to contribute a portion of the proceeds to the cost of using the space. The specifics would be determined in advance should this be the case. Please note, proposals with a profit motive will not be given any preference whatsoever.

All proposals submitted for consideration and documentation of those that are realized will become part of the building’s archive. 

Proposals should be a single pdf that includes:

  • Name and contact info (if a team, include all artists indicating primary contact).
  • Description of Project (No more than 2 pages). What do you want to do and why do you want to do it? How will your project engage with the building? How might it impact the structure? Duration, including any date preferences.  
  • 3-5 Supporting Images / Work Samples.
  • Brief Bio and CV (no more than 2 pages).

To view the spaces, ask questions, or submit a proposal, email Joey at Please include “BlankSpace project proposal” in the subject line. Proposals must be received by 11:59 pm Monday April 25, 2022.  

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